Auto Maintenance

Ad Cars Auto Towing not only offers towing services but also specialize in advanced auto maintenance services. We decided to start offering these services after realizing that there was a major lack of a service provider who offer towing services alongside auto maintenance services.  We were also fed up of our customers being continuously let down by some of the local auto repair facility.


We have invested many advanced system that enable us to offer these services the best way possible. Most of them are computerized and automated, but we still work hard to ensure that our technical team interpret the results generated and do the necessary.

The modern auto repair and towing services that we offer are very affordable and you do not have to have thousands of dollars to benefit from them. You can know the total amount of money that you are going to pay after the service before hand so no nasty surprises.

The technical team is fully trained on how to carry out virtually all auto repairs and maintenance. This means that you will not have to spend money and time looking for another facility as we have what it takes to repair even the most complicated mechanical and electrical issues with your car.

The towing services are available round the clock throughout the year. We have in some incidents helped clients get out of the worst roadside problems during harsh weather conditions. Call us today for more info on this and other towing services that we offer.