Do plumbers need a license

If you are looking into either becoming a plumber or to have plumbing work done in your home then you may be wondering: do plumbers need a license? The answer to this question is one that varies from state to state. New York, for example, has very strict policies in relation to plumbing without a license due to the high number of apartment complexes in that area. The laws in your area may be strict or they may be lax in regards to whether or not a license is required, but it is definitely important for you to know these laws if you are looking plumber.

The biggest reason why you need to know this is because if you are looking for a plumber and plumbers are not required to have a license in your area, then you will have to do more work to determine whether or not the plumber you are considering hiring is reputable and well trained. The best way to figure this out is to directly ask them about their background and training. After you do this you want to go online or ask around as to whether anybody else who employed their services found the work to be satisfactory This is the best way to determine whether or not you are paying for shoddy or satisfactory work. Always deal with plumbers that are licensed or have them on staff such as &

It does need to be said that there are plumbers’ unions throughout the country and almost all of them require plumbers to be properly trained and licensed. This is largely due to the inclusive nature of unions. If you want to be positive that a plumber is qualified to handle your plumbing problems then you need to ask them whether or not they are a union member. This will ensure that you are hiring a plumber who at least has the minimum required education to do their job.